Why Measuring Outcomes Is Important?

Measuring right outcomes shines a light on areas where the right intervention could improve care. Providers are overwhelmed by external and internal outcomes’ expectations. Outcomes vary with Specialty, Service Line, and Procedure. Finding the right balance and aligning them towards the Providers’ mission is not an easy task. HOAP Health’s best-in-class platform, solutions and services are designed to empower Providers on their journey towards value based care

Cost Intelligence

Cost Intelligence TM

We measure Cost of Care, one of the toughest challenges in healthcare.

  • Longitudinal view of the full life cycle of an episode
  • Include all the fixed and variable resources consumed to provide care
  • Connect all the dots: supply & drug costs, service cost, charges, payments (payer & patient), denials, adjustments and write-offs
  • Cost vs Charge vs Cash per episode

Providers can make informed decisions on how to optimize cost, plug revenue leakages, and improve outcomes.

Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence TM

We empower providers with a full suite of tools to improve clean claims, lower denials and improve collections.:

  • Eligibility Check
  • Concurrent Coding & Charge Optimization
  • Identify & Appeal Under Payments
  • Denial Prevention
  • Clinical Documentation Initiative (CDI)
  • RAC & Other Govt Audits

We have a proven track record to boost 3% to 4% net revenue within 6 months of deployment.

Cost to Collect

Cost to Collect

We offer a unique combination of smart tech & certified staff to lower collection costs:

  • AI driven cloud based, source-agnostic technology platform to identify inefficiencies
  • Smart Bots to improve RCM processes
  • Identify Slow Pays, Under Payments, and Denials
  • Smart automated daily Work Queues for RCM Staff
  • Cost-effective HIM Coding and RCM Services
  • Insurance A/R Follow-up, AR Winddown
  • Paper to Digital Remits w/ Cash Posting
Care Intelligence

Care Intelligence TM

Care Quality is critical for providers and patients. Regular insight drives corrective actions.

  • Clinical Excellence Metrics
  • Operational Excellence Metrics
  • Quality Metrics
  • Care Coordination, Public Health
  • Patient Satisfaction & Communications
  • KYD – “Know Your Doctor”
  • Price Transparency by Provider and Procedure