Denial Prevention

Denial Prevention

Denials are a huge obstacle for complete and timely reimbursement. On an average, nearly 90% of denials can be prevented. Two-thirds of denials can be appealed and recovered with a robust platform such as Hoap Health’s Denial Prevention System (DPS).
DPS is a comprehensive cloud based platform that process all electronic remits (including 835 EDI format), separating Reason (CARC) and Remark (RARC) codes, and groups denials into denial categories for analysis and appeal. An 835 remit file could be a treasure trove of information if only one knows how to interpret it.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Administrative, Clinical, Patient Liability Denials Categories
  • Daily Denials, Appeals, Turnover Dashboards
  • Primary Payor Denials, Open Denials with Key Denial Trends
  • Smart Denial Work Queue Setup
  • Automated Denial Work Queue delivery
  • Assign Work Queue & Track Appeals Turnover
  • Analysis by: Payer, Procedure, Service Area, CPT code, Physician
  • Track Denials @ line item level to identify the root cause
  • Implement & Track Process Improvements to prevent future denials
  • Monitor Productivity – Appeals (volume, $), Recovery %, TAT
  • Generate Denial Appeal Letter
Hoap Health’s Denial Prevention System provides a robust platform backed by seasoned experts to define and implement a holistic, organization wide denial prevention strategy that is at the intersection of financial & clinical factors and dramatically prevents denials.

Bottom Line:

Hoap Health’s Denial Prevention System is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective denials solutions available in the market today. Whether you have an internal Business Office or a vendor-based revenue cycle approach, our Denial Prevention Solution solution fits all. Let Hoap Health help you improve clean claims, prevent denials to improve your bottom line.