Hoap Health We Improve Health Outcomes!! Hoap HealthTM empowers care providers with predictive and prescriptive insights to improve health outcomes. Hoap Health

Our Mission

Our Mission

HOAP Health improves health outcomes by lowering cost of care, deliver better quality of care, and increased patient satisfaction. HOAPTM (Health Outcomes Analytics Platform) connects the dots across the care continuum into one easy person-centric platform taking a longitudinal view of all care and revenue events. The power of our platform is realized through seamless integration of hundreds of internal and external data elements, sophisticated algorithms and actionable analytics.

  • Who Do We Serve

    We serve health care providers who benefit from actionable insight to optimize costs, plug revenue leakage, and improved efficiency. Seamlessly pulling data from disparate silos, and mashing it with other value enhancing data, HOAP drives better outcomes with timely, actionable insights on improved patient flow, money-losing services, preventable denials, slow payers, physician productivity among others.

    • Health Systems

      Hoap Health Systems

      Medium to Large Acute Care Providers, Community & Rural hospitals is our specialty
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    • Physician Practices

      Physician Practices

      Medical Groups, Physician Practices, IPAs, MSOs Disparate EMRs is our specialty
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    • Mental Health

      Mental Health

      Psych/Rehab Hospitals, Clinics, Behavioral Health Provider Groups
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    • ACOs, Labs, Pharmacy & Tele Health

      ACOs, Labs, Pharmacy & Tele Health

      ACO Margin Improvement, Specialty Labs, Pharmacy Rebates, Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management
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  • Technology

    • Subscribe, Load and Go

      Subscribe, Load and Go
      • Pre-Built Solutions | Quick ROI
      • KPI Dashboards w/Actionable Insights
      • Intelligent Work Queues: AR, Denials, Underpayments
      • Easy (DIY) Analytics
      • Extensive Reports Library
    • AI Powered Platform

      AI Powered Platform
      • Person- Centric Cloud based SaaS Platform
      • Source Agnostic | Bolt-On
      • Big Data Platform; AI, ML Algorithms
      • Open, Flexible and Scalable Architecture
      • Secure, HIPAA compliant Platform
    • Extendable Platform + RCM Services

      Extendable Platform + RCM Services
      • Full-Service RCM Services
      • HIM – In/Out Patient Coding
      • HCC Risk Adjustment
      • Home/Tele Health, Chronic Care
      • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Why Us?

    Healthcare industry is undergoing a historic transformation. Providers are under tremendous pressure to survive with constantly changing market dynamics. Hoap Health’s solutions and services will help Providers better prepare for the future.

  • Providers Need Insight

    • Collectable revenue written-off
    • Denials are buried or ignored
    • Underpayments are not recognized
    • Providers are busy with care delivery and don’t have time or tools for analysis
    • Root Cause analysis is rarely done to fix correctable errors
    • Reputation Management & Social Media
  • Struggling To Survive

    • The ACA Drove hospitals to acquire practices to gain market share at a premium. Managing their profitability is a challenge.
    • Disparate IT systems of acquired providers are a challenge for consolidated reporting and analysis.
    • ACOs, MSOs are struggling to manage cost of care.
    • Lack analytical tools
  • Declining Reimbursements

    • Shift to Value Based Care
    • CMS is cutting reimbursements
    • Rising Govt Penalties
    • Lower payments from commercial payers
    • Increasing payer denials
    • Rising Govt & Commercial Audits
    • Providers need tools to catch them early and appeal or lose $
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