About Us

Passion : Innovation : Life

US healthcare industry is witnessing an unprecedented churn making news headlines every day. Ubiquity of smart phones, growth in bandwidth, pervasive connectivity, social media, genome sequencing, powerful computers, imaging capabilities, information systems, explosive growth in data, politics and regulations etc. are converging to create a perfect storm in the healthcare industry that we haven’t seen in decades.

We are passionate about bringing innovative ideas to improve quality of life. Early in 2000s, we pioneered the idea of boosting health systems net revenue by 3% to 4% from existing book of business leveraging in-house staff with our proprietary processes and technology. A decade and $1 Billion+ in customer net revenue gains later, we embraced shift towards cost optimization, cloud-based delivery models and expanded our portfolio of offerings to cover the end-to-end patient flow.

With the latest focus on value-based care, patient consumerism and shift towards lower cost care delivery setting, we are reinventing our offerings for the next decade by embracing person-centric healthcare solutions. We believe that an individual is going to decide on who, where, how, and what care he/she receives from a provider. “My Body.. My Data” could be the norm where an individual decides who, where, what and how they are going to exchange their health data.

Our person-centric solutions will cut across existing siloed care delivery models – where a person could seamlessly transition from home care, out-patient, in patient, to a nursing facility – during which every dot is connected on our source-agnostic cloud platform uniquely identifying the patient. Coupled with clinical data will be external wellness and socio economic data that will allow providers to see the whole person. Analytics will be computed at every touch point – by time, location, provider, department, service line, payer, pharmacy, charges, denials, write-offs, patient liability etc. with prescriptive insights for continuous improvement. Leveraging our Artificial Intelligence based platform coupled with Machine Learning algorithms, and smart bots, prospective insights will be derived and delivered proactively to our customer partners. Our pre-built point solutions will improve operational efficiency, lower cost of care and improve patient satisfaction.

What we believe shapes who we are. Our entire Hoap Health family is abuzz with intellectual curiosity, a love for what we do and a singular focus on our customers. We are relentless in our drive to change healthcare. Every great outcome that we enable is going to make a difference in our partners, our partners’ patients, and communities they live in.