Health Systems have been spending tens of millions of dollars to deploy enterprise wide EMR systems over several years. Most EMR systems focus on transactional aspect of healthcare with minimal, hard-to-use reporting packages. Most of their reporting is inward looking with a focus on data within the EMR systems and lack ability to pull and integrate data from multitude of other transactional systems within the provider networks. After spending millions of dollars, most health systems CXOs still are hungry for easy-to-use, actionable analytics with dashboards and reports.

Leveraging analytics work across a number EMR systems (e.g. Epic, Cerner, Meditech, AllScripts, GE, Greenway, NextGen, eCW to name a few), Hoap Health built in enterprise class analytics platform that comprises:

  • Patient Centric Data warehouse. This is not only EMR agnostic but can support patient journey across multiple touch points – labs, pharmacy, inpatient, out-patient, telehealth etc.
  • Clinical Analytic Accelerators
  • Financial Analytic Accelerators
  • Operational Analytic Accelerators
  • Web Based User Interface
  • API driven data processing engine

Our Analytic Accelerators blow away the traditional high dollar, multi-month consulting engagements with quick web-based deployments. Health Systems can choose from a comprehensive pre-built KPI library minimizing the time to gather requirements.

Measuring right outcomes shines a light on areas where the right intervention could improve care. Striking the right balance in enterprise wide metrics and aligning them towards a Providers’ mission is not an easy task. HOAP Health’s best-in-class analytics platform, solutions and services will empower Providers with actionable, data-driven insight in pursuit of their mission.

Here are sample pre-built KPIs:


  • Volume (Specialty, DR, Payor)
  • Cost per Case (ICD10, DRG)
  • DRG, Case Mix Index
  • Arrival — Bed, Nurse, Dr, Discharge
  • Discharges, Transfers
  • Mortality
  • Code Response Time
  • Patient Follow-up
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions


  • Volume: IP, OP,
  • Obs Read missions
  • Patient Flow, LWBS,
  • Discharge, Payor
  • ED to IP — Nurse Unit
  • ED Acuity with LOS
  • ED Scorecard: Arrival Hour
  • Payor Mix
  • Volume by One & ESI
  • LOS , Discharges — Zone, ESI


  • Charges, Pmts, Adj., Balance
  • AR, DayS Cash on Hand
  • Net Days in AR, DNFB
  • Denials $, %, Write-Offs
  • Cash Collect – % of Net Rev
  • Payer, Patient Pmts & Balance
  • Avg Cost/ Discharge
  • Operating Margin
  • Appeals – $, %, Yield
  • Under payments


  • Volume, Cost, Charge, $
  • Volume: Specialty, DR, Payors
  • Implant Usage: DR, Payor
  • Block Times: DR, Usage, # of Drops
  • Admits: OP, IP, Dr, Referral
  • LOS, CMI: Dr, Specialty
  • DRG: Dr, Payor
  • Dr Report Card: Admits, Discharges
  • Transfers


  • Admissions (Dr/OP/IP)
  • Wait Times
  • Occupancy Rate
  • ALOS (Dr, Specialty)
  • Bed/Room Turnover
  • Readmission Rate
  • Asset Utilization Rate
  • Avg Lab Test Time
  • Avg Minutes/ Surge ry
  • OR TAT, Visit Reasons


  • CT Imaging Utilization
  • XR Imaging Utilization
  • Lab Imaging Utilization
  • Lab Ancillary Services CT Services
  • Radiology Read Delays
  • TAT Averages (Ordered — Complete —Transcribed

Population Health

  • Patient Volume — In/Out
  • ED Wait Time, LWBS, AMA
  • % of Patients w/Insurance, Public,
  • Private, Self-Pay, Uninsured
  • Patient Satisfaction %
  • Screenings
  • Readmission Rate
  • Seasonal Trends
  • Docfax: Know Your Doctor


  • Physician Scorecard
  • Productivity
  • Compliance — CPOE, Meds wRVU, ALOS, CMI
  • Top ORG
  • Patient Flow, Discharges
  • Labs, Tests, TAT
  • Utilization
  • Payer Analysis